The urgent case for active measures

Religious conservatives are statistically proximate to highly illegal activities, e.g., seditious conspiracy, and closely aligned with known violent offenders. Remember that religious conservatives have deliberately chosen to give up civility, to prioritize the worship of schizophrenia and violence instead of community. Statistically, they choose to be associated with criminals, with racism and misogyny, with violent factions.

Effective response to the national emergency

You know what does work effectively against religious conservatives? Sociopathy. Applied, deliberate, targeted sociopathy. It’s a peaceful and lawful approach. It’s highly effective. It’s cost-effective. It drives religious conservatives utterly bonkers. It’s almost humorous to watch in practice.

Immediate action items in business

From a corporate perspective, based solely on risk mitigation, this course of action makes good business sense. For example, at our company all full-time employees have signed a waiver to guarantee their commitment to a civil workplace environment:

  • Agree to keep religious discussions private and out of the workplace, and not wear or otherwise display any religious symbolism within the workplace. Note: remote work environments, social media profiles, and other private properties are exempted.
  • No decisions in the workplace are allowed to be made based on religious views.
  • No direct involvement in proselytizing, nor any financial support for proselytizing.
  • No engagement in political actions based on religion, or made in conjunction with any religious organization.
  • Accept binding arbitration in all matters related to this agreement, and give up the right to sue their employer, other employees, contractors, vendors, or customers based on accusations of religious discrimination.
  • Violations of this agreement will result in immediate termination without any benefits.



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